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UK MDI Debate: Is religion less relevant to modern society?


Shabir Ally: ‘My Reflections on the Ally-White Debate’

Did Jesus Claim Deity? My Reflections on the Ally-White Debate Shabir Ally March 24, 2012 Christians and Muslims have been debating this question for centuries: “Did Jesus Claim to be God?” I would like to share some of my reflections on my March 22, 2012 debate with James White on the question. I noted in… Read More ›

Upcoming MDI Debate: Is Belief in God Prohibitive or Liberating?

MDI Australia are proud to host this event with such distinguished guest speakers. 

A Review of last night’s debate: ‘Islam and Reformation: What is the way forward?’

By Paul Williams So the long anticipated debate finally arrived. The evening began inauspiciously. We were promised the use of the spacious and air-conditioned Khalili Lecture Theatre but due to a booking error by the Student’s Union another group took possession of our room and our speakers and the audience were subsequently packed like sardines into a much smaller… Read More ›

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Islam and Reformation: What is the way forward? The Big Debate video

Islam and Reformation: What is the way forward? 16th March 2012 School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) Can Islamic civilisation be revived? What are the solutions for the problems in the Muslim world? Does Islam need reformation? Should Muslims borrow from Western Political systems? What is the way forward? Witness two speakers, with radically… Read More ›

Taqiyah: The Lie Made against Islam

This is the full free version of our DVD by the same title. Raymond Ibrahim claims its not true , that Taqiyah is only used when a Muslims life is in immediate danger. I said he was wrong and prove he and others who make the claim are all wrong! Raymond, I will debate you in… Read More ›

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Is the Shariah Inhumane? Abdullah al Andalusi – Lancaster University – 23 February 2012

A lecture by Abdullah al Andalusi – Lancaster University – 23 Feb 2012

Papyrus 46 (200 CE)

What happened to the original New Testament? Can we reconstruct it?

An interesting take on the problem by an honest Christian professor (whose website The Biblical World is well worth a look at) John Byron, Associate Professor of New Testament at Ashland Theological Seminary, writes One of my standard lines that I tell my students is that we have virtually none of the original manuscripts of the New… Read More ›

reformationfuture soas version with bleed

Islam and Reformation – A Public Debate – SOAS 16th March 2012

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