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Please see below for videos of MDI events, lectures and debates. Please note, that not all of MDI’s work is presented below, but as we complete production of more videos from work we have done, we will add more entries. The videos are arranged in chronological order, but they may not have been produced chronologically.


26th April: CONTROVERSIAL DEBATE [Conway Hall, London, UK]

“Muslims in the West – what is the way forward?” – Abdullah al Andalusi vs Mubin Shaikh (Counter-Terrorism consultant), Tehmina Kazi (BMSD), Paul Armstrong (ABM) and Allegra Mowen (Moderator)


13th April: Lecture [Franklin, Michigan, USA]

“The Purpose of Life: A rational investigation” - Abdullah al Andalusi


12th April: Muslim-Christian Debate [Henry Ford Community College, Michigan, USA]

“Jesus: Prophet or god?” – Shadid Lewis vs Pastor Donald Wolan


9th April: Muslim-Atheist Debate [National University of Australia, Canberra, Australia]

“Is belief in God prohibiting or liberating?” - Uthman Badar vs Dr Lawrence Krauss


28th March: Muslim – Christian Debate [Australia]

“Is Jesus God?” - Abdullah Kunde v Jason Sabalow


16th March: Islamic Revival vs Liberal Re-interpretation Debate [SOAS, University of London, UK]

“Islam and Reformation: What is the way forward?” - Abdullah al Andalusi vs Mustafa Akyol


29th February: Muslim-Christian Debate [Nottingham University, UK]

“Jesus or Mohammed: are is one, or both, relevant to today’s society?” Jay Smith vs Sami Zataari


28th February: Muslim-Christian Debate [Portsmouth University, UK]

“Can God become man? The Jesus debate” Sami Zaatari vs Carlton Mcdonald


23rd February: Lecture [Lancaster university, UK]

Is the Sharia inhumane? - Abdullah al Andalusi


20th February: Lecture [Sussex University, UK]

“Secularism or Islam: Which one makes more sense?” – Abdullah al Andalusi


15th February: Lecture [Sussex University, UK]

“Sharia Law: Barbaric or Misunderstood?” by Abdullah Al Andalusi


14th February: Lecture [Sussex University, UK]

“Jesus: Prophet or God?” – Paul Williams


19th January 2012 : Muslim-Agnostic Debate [London, UK]

The Problem of Evil - Sami Zaatari vs Farhan Quershi (Skeptical Agnostic) 


18th January 2012: Muslim-Agnostic Debate [London, UK]

Is Hell Just? - Abdullah al Andalusi vs Farhan Quershi (Skeptical Agnostic) 




4th December 2011 – Debate

Salvation in Christianity and Islam


10th Novemebr 2011 – Debate

Jesus: Incarnate God, or Human Prophet? 


17th September 2011 – Debate

Can God Become A Man?


16th March 2011 – Lecture

Islam and Englishness: Are they contradictory?


3rd March 2011 – Debate

“Jesus or Muhammed: Which one is the better role model for society today?”


1st March 2011 – Lecture

“Is Shariah the Solution for Mankind?”


5th February 2011 – Debate

“Christianity and Islam – Can they Tolerate each other?”


25th January 2011 – Lecture

“Does God Exist? & How do we know there is only One God?”


11th January 2011: Debate [East London Tabernacle Baptist Church, London, UK]

“Human Rights in Christianity and Islam” – Clr Alan Craig vs Sami Zaatari


Pakistan Blasphemy Law Debate



10th December 2010 – Debate

“Tawheed or Trinity: What is the nature of God?”


4th November 2010 – Big Cambridge Debate

“This House believes Islam is a Threat to the West?”

The Cambridge Union Debate



20th July 2010 – Debate

“Is Secularism the Rational choice for Humanity?”


14th May 2012 – Lecture

The Muslim perspective on the Union Flag


8th May 2010 – Big TV Debate

“The Future of English identity”

A debate between an English Muslim, and a member of the English Defence League


26th March 2010 – Debate

“Christianity or Islam – which religion can bring peace in the modern world?”


9th March 2010 – Lecture

“Does God Exist?” – University of Southampton”


5th March 2010 – Debate

“Women in Marriage: In the Quran and the Bible”


22 February 2010 – Debate

“The Big Trinity Debate – Examining Islamic contentions to Christian theology”



10th December 2009 – Big MDI Debate

“The Islamification of Britain, reality or myth?”

A debate between Muslims, Christians, Liberals and the British National Party (BNP)


29th November 2009 – Debate

“Secularism on Trial & Can Islam be a better alternative?”


26th October 2009 – Debate

“Jihad on Trial – Is Jihad Justifiable?”


30th September 2009 – Debate

“Should God be de-radicalised? – Secularism vs Political Theism”

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