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Lecture: Addressing Misconceptions about Islam

A lecture addressing some of the main misconceptions surrounding Islam:

Debate: What is the True Faith of Jesus’s Disciples? (20th Feb, 2015)

Br. Ijaz Ahmad of MDI will be debating Reverend Steven Martins of E & AM Canada on the topic of, “What is the True Faith of Jesus’s Disciples?” on Friday 2oth February 2015. Br. Ijaz has previously debated CL Edwards and Pastor Samuel Green (Australia). Reverend Stevens has flown from Canada to the Caribbean to… Read More ›

Debate Review: Ijaz Ahmad vs Bob Siegel

I’d like to reveal for public consumption, a review of my debate with Bob Siegel by a Christian from Canada. He’s a well informed individual, who’s read the review of other polemical Christians, such as Anthony Rogers from Answering Muslims. This is the Christian’s review: I have listened to the debate between Ijaz Ahmad and… Read More ›


Debate Event: Br. Ijaz Ahmad vs Pastor Samuel Green – An Incarnate God: Fact or Fiction?

All praise is due to Allaah ta ‘ala, I’d like to formally announce an upcoming debate with Pastor Samuel Green, author for both Answering Islam and Answering Muslims, he’s an internationally renowned Christian debater, preacher and teacher. Most would recognize him from the famous video where he posed a question to our beloved da’ee, Shaykh Ahmad… Read More ›


Jawad’s Friday Review – 14 June 2013

This week has seen the major US/UK government surveillance scandal ‘PRISM’ worsen, as EDL profile broadens but they splutter in support, and the US finally declares Syrian use of Chemical Weapons. The weather from Manchester is cloudy and breezy, and the chances are good that today I will be able to make Jummah. PRISM Last… Read More ›

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 04.34.51

“Does Islam equal terrorism?” Tommy Robinson (EDL) debates Abdullah al Andalusi on TV (revisited)

Last year (24th May 2012), MDI’s Abdullah al Andalusi debated Tommy Robinson (leader of the English Defence League) on a TV Channel ‘Vox Africa TV’ on the subject “Is Islam synonymous with Terrorism?” – Considering the situation in the UK at the moment, after the attack on a British soldier in the UK, and the… Read More ›


MDI Debate: Who is Jesus?

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 04.34.51

Tommy Robinson (EDL) vs Abdullah al Andalusi TV debate – Does Islam equal terrorism? (25th May 2013)

Last week MDI’s Abdullah al Andalusi debated Tommy Robinson (leader of the English Defence League) on the TV Channel ‘Vox Africa TV’ on the subject “Is Islam synonymous with Terrorism?” Other partipants included Raza Nadim from MPAC, Carlos Cortigliaa from the BNP, and Paul Salahuddin Armstrong from The Association of British Muslims.  It was a good discussion, and Abdullah al Andalusi had… Read More ›

Public Debate: Muslims in the West – what is the way forward?

A must see debate featuring MDI’s Abdullah Al Andalusi and three other panelists discussing one of the most controversial issues today: Muslims in the West – what is the way forward?

Islam or Secularism: Which one makes more sense? by Abdullah Al Andalusi

The final lecture at Sussex University, Islamic Awareness Week held on 20 February 2012 on “Islam or Secularism” by Abdullah Al Andalusi.   

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 01.43.40

Sharia Law: Barbaric or Misunderstood? by Abdullah Al Andalusi – 15th February 2012

A new video of MDI’s Abdullah Al Andalusi speaking at Sussex Islam Awareness Week 2012 about one of the most controversial subjects in the world today, Sharia Law: is it barbaric or just misunderstood?


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