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Jesus in Islam and Christianity – Lord Rowan Williams and Paul Williams discusses and debates the message of Jesus

On Thursday 21st February Paul Williams, representing MDI, shared a platform at Cambridge University with the former Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the worldwide Anglican Communion, Lord Williams, to discuss Jesus in Islam and Christianity.

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MDI London debate: Jesus of Nazareth: was he a Muslim prophet or incarnate deity of Christian faith?

On the 9th of July 2012, Paul Williams of the Muslim Debate Initiative held a “historic” debate with the Reverend Chris Green, Vice Principal of Oak Hill Theological College. The topic of discussion centred on Jesus: just who was he? Was he God? Was he God incarnate? And did he come to die for the sins of… Read More ›

Three Big Problems With The Atonement

One of the core doctrines in Christianity is the notion that Jesus died for our sins. Muslims most commonly point out that this doctrine is unjust, however there are at least two other problems with this doctrine, which are not very often pointed out clearly by Muslims: 1) The Atonement Invalidates The True Concept of Forgiveness  &… Read More ›

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