Upcoming MDI Debate: Is Belief in God Prohibitive or Liberating?

MDI Australia are proud to host this event with such distinguished guest speakers. 


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  1. Zizek argues in this book along with Kierkegaard (Fear and Trembling) that there should be a “teleological suspension of the ethical category” in favor of the religious. In Kierkegaard’s book he says that Abraham is asked by God to suspend the ethical in order to kill his son Isaac. Of course God stops the killing before it takes place, but first he wants to test…

  2. I highly commend the MDI for its serious, open, polite and professional operation.

    Open discussion is essential for progression in any subject, and by its action, MDI seems to embrace that totally.

    Engaging in a discussion such as this with Dr Krauss is a significant challenge, due to his skill and knowledge, although I would think both parties would have slightly considered this a trip to the “Lions Den”.

    Kudos to Uthman Badar for his work, which although I did not agree with, was thought provoking and well researched.
    His decision to avoid quoting dogma demonstrates the strength of his arguments and his ability.
    The overall courteous and sensible manner reflects well on the MDI and the Muslim faith, no matter what the outcome.

    I am glad Dr Krauss raised the issue of being polite to his hosts.
    It is important to me that attacking an idea is not attacking a person.

    Thanks, Best wishes.

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