Sharia Law: Barbaric or Misunderstood? by Abdullah Al Andalusi – 15th February 2012

A new video of MDI’s Abdullah Al Andalusi speaking at Sussex Islam Awareness Week 2012 about one of the most controversial subjects in the world today, Sharia Law: is it barbaric or just misunderstood?

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  1. What percentage of income are jizyah and zakat? Seems to me they can be decreased or increased at the will of the Caliph depending on whether the coffers are full or empty, or if a war or other contingency needs to be financed. Are these the only taxes that Muslims and Dhimmis have to pay under Sharia? Can private property be appropriated by the State?

    • The only permanent taxes on wealth, are Zakat for Muslims (2.5% fixed rate), and a means-adjusted Jizyah (military duty exemption tax) for non-Muslim adult males, which typically averaged around 1.25% according to various historical accounts.

      Private property cannot be appropriated by the Islamic state.

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