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Coloniality and Democracy Promotion: the Paradoxes of the Arab Spring – Ali Harfouch (MDI – Lebanon)

As part of today’s conference in Amman, Jordan (2nd Annual Young Scholars Conference: Has the Arab Spring Failed? – Three Years Later); our lecture and paper was entitled ‘Coloniality and Democracy Promotion: the Paradoxes of the Arab Spring‘ was essentially a critique of one of the conferences themes ‘Democratic Transition and Democracy Promotion’. I argued that an unbridled acceptance of Democracy is representative of the mimicry-regressive thinking which debilitates the historical change that the conference is promoting. I also noted that “power-sharing” with the local despots and neo-liberal West is suicidal. In the end we suggested a third-way which goes beyond reformist-accomodationalism and regime co-option, an alternative which lays beyond the faltering modern state system; the Caliphate.The bulk of the talk was based on the following article ‘Azzam Tamimi and the Mirage of Democracy: A Quest Towards Subversion‘.

Following the talk, an insightful Q & A and engagement with the moderator brought many critical issues to the surface including; the compatibility of Islam and Democracy, “Postmodern Islam”, the historical track-record of the Caliphate, the “Turkish Model” and others. It was, overall, a success wal-Haamdu lillaah.

Ali Harfouch ( @asharfouch)

Amman Conference conference 2


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