Public Debate: Quran or the Bible: Which is God’s Word? Abdullah Kunde vs Matthew Moffit

MDI’s Abdullah Kunde debates minister and an evangelical Christian speaker, Matthew Moffit at Sydney University, Australia, on the topic “Quran Or the Bible: Which is God’s Word?”. The event was kindly hosted by Sydney University Muslim Student Association and the [Christian] Evangelical Union.

Event Description:

‘A common myth circulates that Christianity and Islam are similar in scripture. Yet each religious account of history claims that their own heavenly Book was sent down as guidance to the inhabitants of Earth. It is without a doubt that the Scriptures cannot complement each other as contradictions between the Quran and the Bible are apparent. So which is the true word of God? Have both Books lost their original charm and value throughout time? And how well have they been preserved?
Throughout the year, SUMSA and the EU have been coordinating friendly discussions around the Quran and the Bible. But, time calls for a great debate to settle the question of authenticity. Join us, in the final leg of Islamic Awareness Week, as we face the taboo of challenging other religions’.

See the full video below:

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