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Mr. Bilal Muhammad

Bilal Muhammad is a Senior Fellow at the Berkeley Institute For Islamic Studies. He is also an MA Candidate at the University of Ottawa Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, B.Ed at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, and Honours BA in Political Science and History at the University of Toronto. He is a teacher and educator based in Toronto, Canada.

The pig god of modernism

Enlightenment thinkers set out to radically expand individual agency as much as they could. This doctrine of liberalism declared that societies are run best when every person is free to do what they want, so long that they do not directly physically harm others. Of course, the recognition […]

Slide to the Left!

What do most Western universities, schools, education ministries, unions, HR departments, and activist movements have in common? They were the target of infiltration. “The long march through the institutions” This was the memorable slogan of infiltration, created by Rudi Dutschke, a New Left activist in the late 1960s. […]

Colonial Islam

To understand the imperial project in the Muslim world, one needs to revisit the British colonization of Egypt. Everlyn Baring, better known as Lord Cromer, was the British Proconsul-General in occupied Egypt between 1877 and 1907. He wrote about his tenure in his book “Modern Egypt” (1916). Here […]