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Homegrown Muslim Radicalisation

In December of 2010, Congressman Peter King announced his intention to hold hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims, basically to investigate and understand the threat of homegrown terrorism and extremism. On June 20th, the 5th hearing took place regarding this matter, which has been surrounded in controversy […]

The Terror Threat that wasn’t

The Islamophobe blogosphere last week was in full swing concerning a supposed terror threat to the London Olympics, a terror threat that turned out to be no threat at all. Don’t expect any of those websites to publicly retract of course, this latest non issue is just one […]

French philosopher Roger Garaudy dies

According to the BBC, French philosopher Roger Garaudy has died at the age of 98. An ex-member of the communist party, he converted to Islam in the 1980s. He was quoted as saying that “The Christ of Paul is not the Jesus of the Bible”. In his 1996 book The […]