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Günter Grass, Israel and the crime of poetry

I invite you to read the following insightful article by Hamid Dabashi (Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University in New York). An excerpt: ‘Given the history that culminated in the Jewish Holocaust, Jews around the globe, including Israel, have every right to get agitated with a […]

Counterrevolution and Girl Friends

By Father Frank Counterrevolution and Girl Friends ‘The mosques are closed? It does not matter because we can have girl friends.’ Such was the bemusing logic of a Tunisian youth I met in Sousse, in the Ben Ali era. The Muezzin’s voice called the faithful to Salat ok but the […]

Who is Eric Brazau?

by Sadat bin Anwar There is a most interesting twist to the recent controversial story of a book sold in an Islamic bookshop in Canada that allegedly promotes “wife beating”.  The gentleman who claims to have made this accidental discovery while innocently browsing around the “Islamic Books and […]