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Understanding Atheism series

A two day lecture presented by Asadullah Ali al-Andalusi on the subject of “Understanding Atheism”. Session 1: Introduction to Atheism (Currently Watching) Session 2: The Rise and History of Contemporary Atheist Thought Session 3: Refuting Atheist Arguments Session 4: Common Arguments Against Islam Session 5: Atheist Psychology and How […]

Can religion and science co-exist?

A common claim and argument made by anti-theists is that religion is anti-science, that religion and science are mutually exclusive to one another, and that one must either accept religion or accept science. In essence one could say that science has turned into the religion for many atheist […]

Imam Abu Hanfia and the atheist

This was a public discussion-debate between one of the greatest Islamic scholars, and an atheist who was arguing against the belief in God. This is very important because one claim made against Muslims is that they’re against free speech, debate, or critiques. Yet here you have such a […]