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Qur’an: The Power of the Word

“The greatest among Muhammad’s enemies feared that the Qur’an would have a strong effect on them, while they preferred lack of faith to faith and aberration to right guidance. Thus, they agreed not to listen to this Qur’an. They knew that everyone listening was moved by its solemn […]

The Mercy of the Prophet (pbuh)

Aisha narrates that the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “Avert the punishments from the Muslims as much as you can, so if the accused has any way out let him go free, because it is better for the Imam to make a mistake in forgiving than […]

Who ate the third loaf of bread?

A man once accompanied Jesus, saying to him “I want to be with you and be your companion.” They set forth and reached the bank of a river, where they sat down to eat. They had with them three loaves. They ate two loaves, and a third remained. […]