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When Facts Become Fiction | iJihad Ep. 1

In this web series called ‘iJihad’ (i.e. Intellectual Jihad), Br. Asadullah Ali Al-Andalusi analyzes and deconstructs popular arguments against Islam and the Muslim world made by critics and Islamophobes alike. In the first episode he looks at some claims made by Dutch Youtuber ‘Gryffix’, who essentially argues that […]

How Jesus and Muhammed are brothers in faith: The surprising similarities between Islam and Christianity [lecture by Abdullah al Andalusi]

On 6th February 2016, MDI’s Abdullah al Andalusi presented a lecture at the University of Essex entitled ‘Jesus and Muhammed: Brothers in Faith?’, as part of a one day conference ‘Can we not live together?’ The lecture presentation presents the surprising, if not shocking similarities between Christianity and […]

Radio Debate: Should Donald Trump be banned from the UK like other ‘hate preachers’? Charlie Wolf vs Abdullah al Andalusi

Topic: Should Donald Trump be banned from the UK like other (Muslim) ‘hate preachers’ that the UK has banned? Host: John Stapleton Guests Charlie Wolf, U.S. British-based radio broadcaster, talk show host and writer for the (Daily) Mail Online’s ‘Right Minds’ page. Abdullah al Andalusi, international speaker and debater, […]