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The Preservation of God’s Words

A common argument made by Christian apologists to try and confuse Muslims is the following: If the Bible is indeed corrupt, then why didn’t Allah preserve it? Why didn’t he preserve his words, and why did he allow his own books to become corrupt? The argument is meant […]

Monsters on the cultural landscape

The prestigious Catholic weekly The Tablet reports… Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor said that tendentious notions of equality, freedom and tolerance are “three monsters on our cultural landscape” that formed part of a new and “very, very dangerous” secular religion. Speaking in Leicester Cathedral, the Cardinal said: ‘What worries me today is the development of […]

Hindu Attacks on Christians in India

One thing that is certain is that most Christian apologists out there, who speak against the persecution of Christians, don’t really care about the persecution of Christians. They basically use the persecution of Christians if it only suits their agenda. For example if a Muslim mistreats a Christian […]

Marcionites: The Christian Sect You Never Heard About

If you were to ever read and study the early history of Christianity, you would find a faith that had several competing factions, several competing sects each claiming to be Christian, but with vastly different theologies (belief systems). One such group were the Marcionites, most Christians and non-Christians […]