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The Niqab Debate: Banning Freedom

The Niqab Debate: Banning Freedom Author: Dr Tabasum Hussain, MDI, Canada. Recently, the Dutch government announced a ban on the face veil to take effect in 2013.  In September 2010, the French Senate succeeded in implementing a ban against the niqab and burqa by passing an act “prohibiting […]

The Mercy of the Prophet (pbuh)

Aisha narrates that the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “Avert the punishments from the Muslims as much as you can, so if the accused has any way out let him go free, because it is better for the Imam to make a mistake in forgiving than […]

My Gut Response

Guest article by Ashmath, a jewish convert to Islam, now blogger and social commentator. His opinions are not necessarily representative of MDI’s views, but have been reposted here for the purposes of debate and raising the topic. Here’s an interesting video I found while looking up info on Jewish […]

Christology: Methodological and Historical Considerations

The Christology of Jesus by Ben Witherington III, was published by Augsburg Fortress Publishers in October 2001 Professor Witherington is one of America’s most respected Evangelical biblical scholars. His book on Christology is written for advanced students and other scholars, and is worth reading. I quote here for the benefit of dawah carriers a significant statement […]