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Book Review: In the Shadow of the Sword

Though we do not recommend the book reviewed here, this review by an Arabist from SOAS gives us an interesting insight into how historians can spin yarns about Islamic history which fit very comfortably into their Western orientalist mindset. In today’s London Evening Standard: In the Shadow of the Sword: the battle for global empire and the […]

Muslims isolated in small town UK

A report published by a UK university has found that since the 9/11 attacks on the US in 2001, arson, criminal damage, violence and intimidation against Muslims in Britain has increased dramatically. In particular, the authors found that since Muslim communities in small towns are more polarised than […]

CS Lewis on the Penal Substitution Theory

CS Lewis in his classic Mere Christianity wrote: ‘The one most people have heard is the one I mentioned before–the one about our being let off because Christ had volunteered to bear a punishment instead of us. Now on the face of it that is an absurd theory. If God was prepared […]

Biblical ‘Prophesy’ of Jesus in Doubt

[I wrote an earlier version of this article which I felt needed revising. This is the second and final version]. Yesterday was Easter Sunday and at Speakers Corner an enthusiastic Christian told me of the amazing prophesy to be found in Psalm 22 concerning Jesus’ death on the […]