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Thoughts on The Crucifixion

by Rasheed Gadir Can we reconcile the Christian and Muslim differences over the Crucifixion? Probably not, but we can still explore and look closely at them. We might learn something useful. The Gospels confirm that Jesus was crucified and died on the cross. Muslims insist that he was not […]

When the Dead Walked the Streets of Jerusalem

We’ve seen a few movies which  tried to dramatize the events of the life of Jesus (pbuh) as described within the Christian scriptures, and I’ve almost always been disappointed in them. The one I enjoyed the most is also the one which remained truest to its source material: […]

The Most Embarrassing Verse in the Bible

When I was a committed Christian I enjoyed reading the incredibly well-written and absorbing books by CS Lewis. I don’t mean the The Chronicles of Narnia, those classic novels for children, but his theological works. He has rightly been acclaimed as the greatest Christian apologist of the 20th century. My personal […]