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The Purpose of Life – by Rumi

The Purpose of Life – by Rumi You have learned a trade in order to earn a living to satisfy the needs of your body: now focus on learning your spiritual trade so that you can look after the needs of your soul. Here in this world you have become […]

Who is Eric Brazau?

by Sadat bin Anwar There is a most interesting twist to the recent controversial story of a book sold in an Islamic bookshop in Canada that allegedly promotes “wife beating”.  The gentleman who claims to have made this accidental discovery while innocently browsing around the “Islamic Books and […]

Islamic Book Controversy in Toronto

By Sheharyar Shaikh A non-Muslim acquaintance recently sent me a photograph of her friend who was holding a recent copy of the Toronto Sun newspaper in his hand with the headline, “Is beating women allowed?” (or something to that effect), in reference to a marriage guidebook penned by […]