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The Secular Baathist Leadership of ISIS: Why ISIS has nothing to do with Islam (or even an interpretation of it) – An Exposé by Channel 4 (UK)

MDI Comment: A Channel 4 (UK) expose on the Baathist leadership behind ISIS (ISIL), and how Saddam Hussein’s new ‘Islamic facade’ strategy to combat the coming American invasion, has been continued after his capture and execution, by his cynical and Secular ex-Baathist military officers under a new name […]

How Jesus and Muhammed are brothers in faith: The surprising similarities between Islam and Christianity [lecture by Abdullah al Andalusi]

On 6th February 2016, MDI’s Abdullah al Andalusi presented a lecture at the University of Essex entitled ‘Jesus and Muhammed: Brothers in Faith?’, as part of a one day conference ‘Can we not live together?’ The lecture presentation presents the surprising, if not shocking similarities between Christianity and […]