When Facts Become Fiction | iJihad Ep. 1

In this web series called ‘iJihad’ (i.e. Intellectual Jihad), Br. Asadullah Ali Al-Andalusi analyzes and deconstructs popular arguments against Islam and the Muslim world made by critics and Islamophobes alike. In the first episode he looks at some claims made by Dutch Youtuber ‘Gryffix’, who essentially argues that […]

DEBATE EVENT: ‘ATHEISM OR ISLAM: WHICH STANDARD OF MORALITY IS BETTER?’ Justin Trottier vs Abdullah al Andalusi (Mississauga, Canada, 4th Feb 2017)

DEBATE: WHICH STANDARD OF MORALITY IS BETTER? Saturday 4th February 2017 Abdallah al Andalusi vs. Mr. Justin Trottier (member and spokesperson of the Canadian Secular Alliance / Alliance laïque canadienne, an English-Canadian writer, non profit executive director and former political candidate.) Mississauga Valley Community Center 5pm-9pm Room. Larry […]