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The concept of free will in Islam

As Muslims, we believe in the concept of free will, that humans are free to choose their path and destiny. We do not believe that we are controlled like robots, devoid of choices, and doing what we want. In Islam we also believe in something called divine decree, […]

Top 5 misconceptions about Islam

When coming across arguments against Islam, you realize that there are quite a few misconceptions against Islam. In this article we will list 5 of the most common misconceptions against Islam, and give a clear response towards the misconception. 1-Islam commands the Muslims to convert everybody by the […]

Islam and humbleness

Humility is a key attribute taught by Islam, Islam teaches and commands its followers to be humble, and to not be arrogant and boastful. A major problem with human behavior that has always existed has been pride and arrogance, people who think they’re better than others, and as […]

How “Modernist Muslims” Read the Qur’an

Muslims believe that the Qur’an was revealed to mankind as clear guidance, based on an objective meaning – commands intended to be understood and applied by us. There cannot be unlimited interpretations of the Qur’an because, for the Qur’an to have any meaning, this necessitates discernment between things […]