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Can religion and science co-exist?

A common claim and argument made by anti-theists is that religion is anti-science, that religion and science are mutually exclusive to one another, and that one must either accept religion or accept science. In essence one could say that science has turned into the religion for many atheist […]

Islamic influence on Science

Islamic Herald During the Middle Ages the Islamic World had a very significant impact upon Europe, which in turn cleared the way for the Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution. In the Medieval age, Islam and Muslims influenced Europe in a number of different ways. One of the most […]

Atheists; “Supernatural doesn’t exist”. Said who?!

In the Laws of Physics: It’s “natural” when apple moves downward due to gravity forces. It’s “supernatural” to move upward without a lifting force! In the Laws of Biology: It’s “natural” when a living body dies. It’s “supernatural” a dead body returns to life! “Natural” is what moves with the Laws […]