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Majority of all Americans from all demographics support torture

December 18, 2014 • Current Affairs, Featured

The Washington Post According to a new poll released Tuesday by The Washington Post and ABC News, a majority of Americans believe that torture of suspected terrorists can be justified — even in the wake of graphic revelations by a Senate Intelligence Committee report of exactly what such tactics look like. That public approval conceals partisan differences, as… Read More ›

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Italian nurse who killed up to 96 patients in one year may be one of the world’s most prolific serial killers

(0) angelofdeath

In all of the reports about this serial killer, her race, nor religion are brought up. And rightfully so because they don’t really have much relevance to the story, it doesn’t matter that she is white, or what religion she follows, most likely from a Christian background. But therein lies the double standard, because whenever… Read More ›

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Women in Islam and Feminism: Compatible or Conflicting?

(0) Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 23.56.21

The video has been released of the amazing lecture by Zara Faris at SOAS (The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, held on 27th February 2014) discussing the controversial topic, ‘Women in Islam & Feminism’ answering the question whether they are compatible or conflicting? There were a number of vocal Feminist attendees who… Read More ›

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Why First Nations People Regard Thanksgiving Day as a National Day of Mourning

(1) History-Of-Native-American-Indians

Article originally posted here:   “The Sioux (aka Lakota) Indians of Minnesota must be exterminated or driven forever beyond the borders of the state.” – Minnesota Governor Alexander Ramsey We turkey-celebrating, obese, sports-addicted, shop-until-you-drop, historically-illiterate couch potatoes are all beneficiaries of the acts of our guilty ancestors who may have been unaware perpetrators of the crimes against… Read More ›

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5 examples of supreme Muslim tolerance

(0) islammisc

MuslimMatters As we see the images of burning embassies and burnt flags unfolding across the Muslim world, it is easy for non-Muslims (and some Muslims too) to jump to the conclusion that there is an inherent lack of tolerance amongst “religious” Muslims. A lot of this is down to the hypocrisy of trying to judge… Read More ›

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Did the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) kill his critics?

(1) prophet

A common argument brought forth against the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is that he would kill and silence his critics, and so it is from this example that some modern day Muslims seek to emulate by carrying out acts of violence against those who speak against Islam. One of the incidents they raise is the killing… Read More ›

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Muslims reject the Trinity because they do understand it

(2) trinity1

Certain Christian apologists these days like to claim that Muslims don’t properly understand or grasp the Trinity, and it is because of this that Muslims therefore reject the Trinity. So in other words if Muslims properly comprehended what the Trinity actually is, and what it isn’t, then Muslims wouldn’t really have a problem with the… Read More ›

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UK Government set to criminalise Free Intellectual Discussion at UK Universities

(0) Laura Clayson, Lancaster's students' union president, with the posters that attracted police attention. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian

Anti-terror bill: making radical ideas a crime on campus by Louise Tickle [originally posted Guardian 2nd December 2014] On the first day of Freshers’ Week, Lancaster University’s students’ union president got a message that police were photographing two posters in her office window. One said “Not for Shale”, the other: “End Israel’s attacks on Gaza”. “A union… Read More ›

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Answering an atheist question: Why has God ceased revelation?

(0) quranrevelation

Question: Why did God decide to stop sending revelation for more than a thousand years? Isn’t it convenient in this day and age of modern technology that revelation has ceased? Answer: Why did God decide to stop sending revelation? Because that was his will, revelation was never meant to be something that would last forever, nor was… Read More ›

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Young men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’

(1) o-HOW-TO-SAY-NO-facebook

A lesson for non-Muslims (and some misguided Muslims) who feel that invoking the values of feminism is a viable means to liberation. According to a Pew survey, the number of people who say that “having a successful marriage is one of the most important things” has risen for women (from 28% to 37%), and dropped for men (35% to… Read More ›

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Islamophobia and the true “Untold” Story of Dracula

(1) luke-evans-in-dracula-untold

Article originally published in New Statesmen, 20th October 2014 What the historical inaccuracies in “Dracula Untold” tell us about the rise of Islamophobia BY ELEST ALI The vilification of Islam has reached such heights that when the Muslim Sultan Mehmet II is cast opposite history’s bloodiest psycho-tyrant, it’s Dracula who emerges as the tragic hero…. Read More ›

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New Jersey Rabbi advocates for genocide of Arabs in Israel

(1) terroristadvocate

JTA The rabbi of a major modern Orthodox synagogue in New Jersey has written a blog post that calls for Israel to collectively punish Arab Israelis and Palestinians until they realize “they have no future in the land of Israel.” In the post, written Friday and titled “Dealing with Savages,” Rabbi Steven Pruzansky of Congregation Bnai… Read More ›


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