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Oppressed Muslim Women? Evaluating Feminist Criticisms of Islam – Lecture by Zara Faris (0)

by Zara Faris This year’s Islam Awareness Season throughout UK universities has been very busy for me, alhamdulillah; I’ve delivered lectures with exciting Q&A sessions tackling topics including Islamic Revival and Reformation, Muslims in the West, and the topic of the day, Women in Islam and Feminism. This video is from my lecture at Southampton… Read More ›

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Maajid Nawaz, the BBC and the UK Muslim Community (part 1) (2)


On the 24th and 25th March 2014, the BBC hosting Maajid Nawaz on two of its shows, BBC 1’s Newsnight and BBC 3’s Free Speech to speak about Muslim community affairs (yet again). This is not the first time the BBC has hosted Maajid Nawaz in such frequency, nor the first time on the topics… Read More ›

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Debate: Can We Trust Today’s Torah? (11th April 2014) (6)


A Christian-Muslim debate on the reliability of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Debate thesis: “Can We Trust Today’s Torah?” Debaters: Alex Kerimli (Christian) and Sadat Anwar (Muslim) Date: Friday April 11th, 2014 Time: 7pm Location: Faith Baptist Church 3837 Lawrence Ave. East Scarborough, ON, M1G 1R2, Canada 416-431-0095

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Only Muslims attack places of worship? (5)


A member on our facebook page made the following comment in response to our article on “Church bombings have no place in Islam”, writing: Dawn Newhouse Then why are Muslims the only ones who do this? They are the only ones who bomb mosques too. Come to think of it, they are the only ones who… Read More ›

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Tommy Robinson and homosexuality (3)

Tommy and Majed Nawaz.

Tommy Robinson seems to have come up with his own acid test when trying to determine a ‘moderate’ Muslim from an ‘extremist’ Muslim, which presupposes the idea that Tommy is the judge of determining who is a moderate, or an extremist. But nonetheless, Tommy’s litmus test is to ask the Muslim whether they support homosexuality,… Read More ›

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Christians Naturally Distrust and Disbelieve in the New Testament (2)

There’s a problem with the New Testament, and every conservative Christian scholar, including the likes of Daniel B. Wallace, James White to the Liberals such as Dr. Crossan have implicitly conceded to their distrust of the New Testament text. Let’s first list a few facts to establish the foundation for our case: The Council of… Read More ›

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The Panoptic Police State: a Natural Product of Secular Liberalist Ideology (1)


Article taken from iSiyasah  Note: In light of the ongoing NSA spying revelations by Edward Snowden, the Guardian, and journalist Glen Greenwald, we present an online reprint of an amazing article (first published in Crescent International in 1997) which details the foundations of the western and secular ideological obsession with spying on citizens to maintain… Read More ›

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Panel Debate Video: Islam or Atheism: which makes more sense? (7)

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We are proud to present a video of a panel debate attended by MDI’s Australian branch member, Faraz Nomani, which was organised by Swinburne Islamic Society in conjunction with Al Kauthar Institute. Held on Friday 20th September, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. The Panel debate was between Muslim panellists and Atheists panelists upon the topic ‘Islam… Read More ›

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What’s in a Name? The Feminist paranoia against Islamic by-names (0)


It is common for liberal feminists to rage against Abrahamic religions because they claim that the idea of deferring to a deferring to a God (who they perceive to be male) or a male Prophet for one’s values and way of life is a violation of a woman’s ‘autonomy’ and ‘agency’. As such, they raise arguments… Read More ›

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How the historical Islamic Caliphate dealt with foreign intervention from the West (2)


LETTER FROM THE OTTOMAN GRAND VIZIER TO THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT (circa 1792) The Grand Signior wars for himself, and for himself makes peace. He can trust his own slaves, servants, and subjects. He knows their faith, has experienced their virtue, and can rely upon their fidelity — a virtue long since banished your corner of… Read More ›

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Mehdi Hasan blasts Islamophobes in Oxford University Debate (53)


On the 23rd May 2013, the Oxford Union held a debate entitled ‘The House Believes Islam is a Religion of Peace’ between three speakers arguing for the motion, and three speakers arguing against the motion. The debate at Oxford Union was similar to a debate held at the Cambridge Union in 2010 where I debated the… Read More ›

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