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A man holds a knife to his throat claiming that he is looking for Muslims to cut off their heads in the 5th district of Bangui on February 9, 2014. According to witnesses, at least ten people have been killed since the night before in central Bangui, and many buildings burned, after violence broke out near the district hall of Bangui's 5th district. Large-scale looting was also taking place in the same neighbourhood  in the morning of February 9 despite the deployment of French troops and Central African gendarmes. The International Criminal Court in the Hague said on February 7 it had opened an initial probe into war crimes in the Central African Republic.   AFP PHOTO/ ISSOUF SANOGOISSOUF SANOGO/AFP/Getty Images

Christian Terror Group in Central African Republic offers Muslims ‘convert or die’ ultimatum

MDI Comment: This article below highlights the plight of the Muslims in the Central African Republic, who suffer atrocities from mass scale of ethnic cleansing by self-identified Christian militias. Although the ‘Anti-Balaka’ terror group is a combination of Animist and Christian members, Christians constitute the majority and pseudo-Christian slogans […]


The ‘Human Jesus Documentary’ produced by Christian Unitarian scholar , Dr Anthony Buzzard

The theological documentary ‘the Human Jesus’, was produced by Unitarian Christians of the Restoration Fellowship, filmed by Mark Dockery, and edited by Paul Millunzi, and tries to bring the difficult theological understanding about the nature of Jesus held by most Trinitarian Christians, down to earth. The video challenges the doctrines […]


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