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Has the goal of the Islamophobia hysteria been realized? Response to Robert Spencer

By Shadid Lewis According to the anti-Islam speaker, Robert Spencer, Islamophobia  is merely a ‘rational response’ to ‘Islamic jihad’. He further claims there are few Muslims confront their own so called Islamic text and teachings that exhort to violence and ‘supremacism’. However, yet again we have another example of an anti-Islamist ignoring the real and… Read More ›

Exposing the Myth of the Islamic Threat-Mr.Islam Answers back radio show

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“Fight those who do not believe” (9:29) Quran in its REAL context

Does Quran 2:256 show that Islam isn’t a religion of peace? Response to David Wood.

Taqiyah: The Lie Made against Islam

This is the full free version of our DVD by the same title. Raymond Ibrahim claims its not true , that Taqiyah is only used when a Muslims life is in immediate danger. I said he was wrong and prove he and others who make the claim are all wrong! Raymond, I will debate you in… Read More ›

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