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[PAST] Debate Event: Has religion been mainly the cause of peace or violence? (16th Oct 2018, St George’s University, London, UK)

On tuesday the 16th October 2018, the Politics and Debating society of the famous medical school, St George’s, University of London, will host a debate on the motion: ‘Has religion been mainly the cause of peace or violence?’. Invited speakers: Abdullah al Andalusi, Muslim Debate Initiative Alavari Jeevathol, […]

Event: Debate: ‘Does God Permit Lying, and is Allah the God of the Bible?’ [Ontario, Canada, 6th Dec 2016]

Sadat Anwar, of the Muslim Debate Initiative, will be having a debate with Pastor Adrian Davis of the Church of God International, Canada, at 7:30pm on Wednesday 6th December 2017, at the Sandman Signature Hotel, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The topic will discuss the ‘taqiyyah argument’, often used against Muslims, that Muslims […]